The Plan

More than a
park, this is:

  • an investment in our downtown

  • an energizer for new industry and downtown revitalization

  • a great new location for regional festivals

  • an improvement in the quality of life for generations to come

  • an opportunity to turn a paved city block green

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Swapping Asphalt for Aspirations in Downtown Salisbury

Bell Tower Green Park serves as a common ground in an ever-changing Downtown Salisbury city district. The park is true to its homegrown character and charisma, serving to strengthen community engagement and encourage growth. Businesses and residents alike crave a green space to serve as a cultural meeting place; a place that embraces our history yet adapts to the present times. The park incorporates outdoor rooms surrounded by southern gardens, playful spaces, interactive fountains, and event areas.

Bell Tower Green provides a safe and comfortable environment for all its visitors--it is well lit, has enforced security, space for children to run and climb or sit for storytelling, an amphitheater where live music fills the evening air, and festivals that draw families and friends together.